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Led by Stephen Ryan, with the assistance of Craig Lidgerwood, this cultural garden tour explores the gardens, agricultural landscapes, villages, towns and great monuments of two of France’s most beautiful and historic regions: Normandy and Brittany

Craig has traveled extensively, often in remote parts for weeks at a time, recording, photographing and drawing plants in their natural habitat. An obsession with plants, a keen interest in gardening and work in the travel industry have given Craig both the opportunity and inclination to travel widely internationally. Craig's private travels include garden and cultural tours of United Kingdom, Ireland, France and the Pacific North West of USA, natural history and cultural tours of Italy, Crete, Corsica, Canary Islands, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, Morocco, New Zealand, New Caledonia, India, Nepal and Sikkim, and cultural tours of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Since 2009 Craig has taken cultural and garden tours for Australians Studying Abroad including NW France, SE France, Madagascar and Morocco accompanied with well respected horticulturalist Stephen Ryan.

Join Craig and horticulturalist, author and broadcaster Stephen Ryan as they explore the diverse topography, ecology, fauna and flora and human culture of this extraordinary country: the rock formations and prehistoric villages of the Atacama; its sublime Andean mountain scenery; the fertile centre with its sophisticated cities, Santiago, Valparaiso and Valdivia; the dramatic coastline and awe-inspiring southern mountain landscapes of Patagonia.